Business Directory

Wednesdays 11:30am – 1:00pm
Picassos – Toll Road and Frankford – 972 – 248-0011
Meeting $15 – Zero membership Dues 

Jay Levine                          214-693-9897                 Energy Broker          
Gillian Cunningham        469-269-2754                 Realtor                       
Ellie Thomas                     214-679-6599                 Mary Kay                    
Mark Lowey                      214-558-2727                 Insurance                    
Donna Ross                       214-450-3609               CHI/Wraps
Shirley Sprague                214-418-7152                 Juice Plus
Vicki Knutson                   214-587-3786                LED Skin Care Center
Paul Weber                       214-494-9419                Weber’s Computer Svs.
David Pusateri                 972-509-5050               JD Promotional Pdcts. .
Martee Davis                   469-471-8580                Nat. Awakenings Mg. 
Steve Griffith                   361-739-8645                Sprint Business           
Jeremy Housel, CRT      214-662-8108               Personal Trainer         
D ave Totzke                    214-349-6683               Fantastic Movers        
Craig Mills                      972-733-1037                 Financial Advisor        
Chris Tisdale                  469-324-9772                Network Services         


Membership has it’s privileges
*Locking out your competition
* Hosting the monthly meeting 3 Minute Education
* Develop trusted Friendships that work for YOU!
* Virtual Sales Force
* NDN Members give 10 minute presentations to educate and inform NDN members
* Members protect their category by attending 3 of the 4 or 4 of the 5 weeks per month
Members send a Sub to represent their category if they cannot attend that week
* Members missing 3 or more meetings in a month forfeit category & re-apply 4 membership
* Continue to bring guests on a monthly basis, always looking for quality members to join NDN

Open Categories (If not listed above, the category is open) Please call the NDN Member if you think there could be a conflict.  Available Categories at this time are:   Commercial Real Estate, Credit Repair ,Alarm/Security Company, Employment Recruiter, Massage Therapist, Reflexology, Business Coach, Hair Dresser, Hardware/Computer Sales, Graphic Artist, Headhunter Technology Auto Repair, Business Suites Rentals, Banker, Printer, to name a few.  If you think your category could benefit our group and that you could benefit from being a member please join us.  RSVP here